Clinical Trials

Personalized, targeted cutting-edge cancer treatments are available at Northwest Georgia Oncology Centers’ (NGOC) community-based cancer centers through its William S. Gibbons Cancer Research Institute. With participation rates regularly surpassing the national average, the voluntary clinical trials available to eligible NGOC patients offer the most advanced treatments usually only found at large, hospital-based research institutions.

“The majority of cancer patients are treated in the community setting so it’s important to have cutting-edge clinical trials at NGOC so our patients have access to experimental drugs and the latest research treatment modalities. I believe innovative therapies can be offered to cancer patients by community practices only if there is great motivation, commitment, interest, and dedication from the treating physicians.  At NGOC, we’re all committed.”
Raul H. Oyola, MD
Co-Principal Investigator of NGOC’s William S. Gibbons Cancer Research Institute

The Gibbons Cancer Research Institute is able to support a variety of clinical trials focusing on cancer and blood disorders, particularly in Phases II, III, and IV of investigational drug development.  Available services include on-site blood draw, hematology lab, centrifuge, specimen refrigeration, dedicated IND storage, examination rooms, infusion therapy, and adjacent 24/7 hospital support.

Clinical trials help NGOC cancer doctors, all active investigators registered with the National Cancer Institute, find better ways to prevent, diagnose and treat cancer as part of the nation’s largest cancer research network.  It’s just another way we are FIGHTING FOR YOU.

Patients may discuss their eligibility for various trials with their doctor or contact:

William S. Gibbons Cancer Research Institute
340 Kennestone Hospital Blvd, Suite 200
Marietta, GA 30060