About Us

The cancer care team of Northwest Georgia Oncology Centers, P.C. (NGOC) is committed to FIGHTING FOR YOU as leaders and innovators of community-based cancer treatment and patient-centered care.

Also, we are one of the nation’s premier community cancer centers meeting stringent standards including innovative patient-centered care and engagement, expanded access to advanced evidence and team-based care and quality improvements to deliver high quality and value to the patient.

When it comes to being at the forefront of latest cancer treatment, research and patient advocacy, NGOC delivers by:

Providing patient-centered care with a caretaker’s heart.

Fighting cancer at 10 community-based cancer centers in six counties, our cancer care team specializes in the treatment of cancer and blood disorders.  Our cancer doctors are experts in their field collaboratively working together and with other specialists, including surgeons and radiation oncologists, to achieve optimal clinical outcomes.

Working toward a cancer cure by offering advanced treatments and clinical trials.

Some of our cancer specialists at NGOC are actively involved in cancer research through offering clinical trials for various types of cancer.  This provides you with access to the newest cancer drugs often before they are commercially available.