Patient Care Commitment

The cancer care team of Northwest Georgia Oncology Centers (NGOC) is committed excellence by providing patient-centered care and the most advanced cancer treatment available to patients in its nine community-based cancer centers.  We’re passionate about treating our patients with cancer and blood disorders close to home.  We know you have a choice and are grateful to you for entrusting us with your cancer care.

Our Mission:
To deliver high quality, cost-effective oncology and hematology services to patients in northwest Georgia with advanced cancer treatments and leading-edge technology. The practice provides state-of-the-art care through its consultation services, comprehensive office infusion services, advanced treatments, clinical trials, patient education, and coordination of ancillary care.

Our Dedication:
To treat our patients with dignity, care, respect, and with the best treatment available for cancer and blood disorders.  Our expert physicians, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, oncology nursing staff, and knowledgeable office management personnel are dedicated to educating, assisting and treating our patients and their loved ones as family.

Continuity of Care:
To ensure our patients get the care they deserve, our team works within a group practice structure, which identifies common clinical protocols for optimal communication and quality monitoring. While we work to diagnose and cure your cancer, we remain in communication with your primary care physician, surgeon, radiation oncologist, and your loved ones to make certain the circle of care is complete.

Survivorship & Supportive Care:
To celebrate our patients overcoming the challenges of fighting cancer, we offer survivorship and supportive care programs and services to our patients.  With extensive follow-up care and the availability of support groups like Loving Arms Cancer Outreach, NGOC ensures its patients and their families receive the support, education and outreach along their cancer journey.