Cancer Information

This section provides a comprehensive overview about cancer including the concerns and questions of newly diagnosed patients.  Connect to a database of cancer treatments, screening tools, types of cancers, cancer testing, and a complete cancer and drug dictionary.

A message about early detection and good health from Northwest Georgia Oncology Centers:

As many people know and understand, early cancer detection increases the chances of cure.   Getting the recommended tests for your age, such as an annual mammogram or regular colonoscopy or prostate exam, is of utmost importance for early detection.

Also, it’s critical to do all you can to decrease your risk for cancer, like making needed lifestyle changes and improvements through better nutrition, regular exercise, sun protection, and smoking cessation.

Although cancer remains the second leading cause of death behind heart disease, survivorship rates are at an all-time high.   The improvement in survival reflects diagnosing cancer at an earlier stage and access to advanced treatments offered at NGOC cancer centers.