Risks & Benefits

Patient participation in cancer research through clinical trials is voluntary and a personal decision.  Clinical trials are closely monitored and follow strict guidelines, informing interested patients about the risks and benefits before deciding whether to take part in a study.

Your cancer doctor can advise you about your eligibility to participate in clinical studies. Disease type, overall health, age and other individual factors determine your eligibility.

Potential benefits include:
  • Access to new drugs before they are available to the public
  • Close monitoring of your progress
  • A more active role in your healthcare
  • You may be among the first to benefit if the approach to cancer treatment being studied is found to be beneficial
  • The opportunity to make a valuable contribution to cancer research
Potential risks may include:
  • New drugs may have side effects or risks unknown to the doctors
  • New drugs may not work or may not work as well
  • Even if a new approach has benefits, it may not work for you