Your First Appointment

The Northwest Georgia Oncology Centers (NGOC) team looks forward to meeting you so we can start building a trusting relationship vital to fighting cancer with confidence, strength and expertise.

  • You’ll get an introduction to our compassionate patient-centered care and come to know it well as we walk alongside you on your cancer journey.
  • Your cancer doctor will listen to your concerns, answer your questions and educate you about your diagnosis.
  • You’ll get a balanced approach about the options and appropriateness of various cancer treatments that are best for you based upon risks and benefits.
  • You’ll gain confidence with a personalized care plan using the most advanced treatments available.
  • You’ll gain hope with the expertise, encouragement and support of the NGOC team and other patients fighting cancer and blood disorders.

As you prepare for your first appointment, we understand you may be scared, sad or even angry.   You’re venturing into the unknown, but not to the unknowing.  The NGOC cancer specialists and compassionate team of physician assistants and nurses are here to help navigate you through, make you feel welcome, answer your questions, and ready you for the fight.